Abstract (not updated after swapping the engine to a 4-banger)

the car

Opel Manta A S 1971


Buick Grand National SFI turbo 1987


GM turbo hydramatic 200 4speed automatic transmission

rear end

Volvo (Dana 1031), 3.31:1, limited slip


2x Garrett TO3

Engine managament

Bosch SFI

front brakes

Opel Commodore GSE (vented discs) + Commodore spindles

rear brakes

Volvo (discs), drum e-brake


HST made exhaust headers, flexible stubs and D 50 mm pipes from turbos to two flow-through mufflers. One 3" muffler in the rear.


Recaro-seats with painted gray color and black cloth


2X10"woofers in rear, dome tweeters, 3" & 6,5"speakers in front, amplifier.

wheels and tires

7*15 JP wheels, 195/55-15 tires. 6,5*16 Volvo Columba wheels, 205/50-ZR16 tires. Steel wheels (Black) 6,5*15 with what ever comes up..


Ford progressive springs in rear and "Meta design" in front.


1/4 mile: 14,39/165 km/h (60 ft 3,7 sL ). Top speed 231,2 km/h with slipping transmission. Theoretical top speed with 205/50-16 tires 269 km/h.

fuel consumption

9,3 litres /100 km while on the road. Much more at the track..