These I have:

BMW 530i Sedan -02

Another E39 again... This I bought from Japan.

BMW 525i Touring -02

And E39 again... This I bought locally and de-tuned the exterior.

Kawasaki ZX-10 -89

This is has had many delays. Now it's boosted with turbocharger and needs tuning. Bought it 2001.

Corvette -99 Convertible. Supercharged widebody

A 3rd donor car to be for my ī57.. Didnít happen. Something else did. This Iíve had since 2009.

Chevrolet Bel Air sport coupe -57

Last but not least.. This I have been wanting since my teens. This will take years to complete. Our history starts from 2004


Komatsu PC120-3 Ď89

A different project (in my garage at least).



These I have had and now they are somewhere around.

(Of course I've had some mopeds before these rides..)


Kawasaki KX 80 -85

Bought as a basket case. Wild thing at the woods.. 

Yamaha TZR 125 -90

Nice black bike, which didn't run any better after all expensive modifications I did to it. 

Yamaha RD 180 -84

This was not really my bike. My brother bought it but he didn't have a driver's license back then, so I was the one using it. Pretty fun bike to play with. 

Toyota Corolla (KE30) 1,2 -78

My first car. I bought it 1994 and smashed it soon after that. Restoring it was such a good training for later projects. 

Toyota Corolla 1,6 SE sedan -89

This wasn't really my car. It was my mother's car but I was the one driving and repairing it. This one I smashed two times and repaired also. 

Yamaha DT 125 -86

Owned it for a couple of weeks and used it mostly in the woods.. 

Volvo 340 DL 1,4 -80

A car that I didn't respect at all. Not that it would have deserved it. 


Bought it 2000, sold away on a weak moment.. The next owner painted it red and put a Fiat engine in it.

Opel Ascona 2,0 S -81

Bought it 2000 and took it's engine to blonde. Then this Ascona was sold with blonde's engine. 

BMW 316 1,8 (E30) -84

This was such a "beater" before I bought it.. I just had to buy it to make it more decent that it was. The next owner ruined it again soon after he bought it.. With this car I realized that some car makes just are better quality than others. This one was quite good quality.

Opel Astra 1,8 16v Sport -97

Bought it 2001. Nice and dull car. Kept it for 2 months.

Toyota Celica 2,0 GT aut. -86

I didn't drive this car much but it was very comfortable ride, though it was a ToyotaJ

Chevrolet Astro 4,3 EFI -88

A lazy van with many comfortable extras. 

Ford Sierra 2,0 Laser -89

It's a big wonder how this car survived over the winter with me. 

Volkswagen Golf 3d 1,8 -84

A cheap strawberry.  

Ford Escort 1,3 CL -86

Owned it for 4 days. Horrible thing to have. 

Ford Taunus 17M 2,8 V6 -69

Kind of an impulsive purchase. Owned it a couple of weeks.

BMW 523 iA -97

A substitute for 540iA, which I wanted those days. A reasonable car.

BMW 520 i 24v -91

A car without any tricks. Rusty and leaky but somehow good quality

Volkswagen Jetta 4d 1,6 -85

A substitute for a car.

Subaru Justy 1,2 4WD -90

Used to be my daily driver for a while, some wonder why.. Its cheap and simple!

BMW 530dA-00

My first diesel. I still hate the sound but the option list made this worthwhile..

VW Passat Variant TDI -01

Temporary car to haul T-Ray's new transmission from Germany. I sold this after 5 months hoping to find a good 530dAT to replace the previous one.

Mazda 626 GLX 2.0 automatic -88

My temporary driver. Not very good at it.

Nissan Primera 2.0 SLX Wagon -95

A sad box... Bought this to haul some parts from Germany and to be used while iX was under construction.

BMW 325 iAX Touring -91

My wife's daily driver (while I was not re-assembling it). Truly a car for all seasons!

Mazda 626 -88

Somehow these keep on coming to this family..

Chevrolet Corvette C5 man. -97

I bought it to be a donor car for my '57 but decided to repair it.

Chevrolet Corvette C5 aut. Coupe '97

A 2nd donor car for my í57. Didnít happen either.


16 years of rebuilding/tuning this car. I know Iíll miss it some day..

Chevrolet Corvette C5 man. Coupe í97

A 10.53 on 1/4mile –car in states. I made it a bit milder and struggled with broken timing chain.

BMW 530dA Touring M-sport Individual 2001

After a long search I found special enough daily driver. I drove it 8 years and 200 000 kmís.

BMW X3 3.0d -06

My poor daily driver between 2014-2018

Mazda 6 -03

I planned to drive this couple of weeks. Instead I drove it a couple of years. I didn't even change oil nor washed it and it still got going.

VW Golf 1.9 TDI aut. -00

Smartly sized white thing. Many options, unlike most of it's kind. Bought in the family at 2008 and sold it 2017.